Kids using SkyRunners

What Size?

Skyrunners are rated on a weight basis, not shoe size so therefore does not become a complicated fitting exercise! The sizes are as follows:

Children Sizes:

30-50 kg / 40-60 kg

Adult Sizes:

50-70 kg / 70-90 kg / 90-110 kg


Every attempt is made to supply your colour selection but this may change due to colour availability at the time of ordering and will be substituted for what colour we have in stock, sorry for any inconvenience.

Selecting Sizes:

If the person riding the Skyrunners is within 3kgs of the next size up please select the larger size. For example, if a child weighs 27kgs, they should be purchasing a 30-50kg size Skyrunner, if an Adult weighs 67kgs, they should be purchasing a 70-90kg size Skyrunner.
Please note : That in some circumstances when choosing between 30-50kg size and the first Adult 50-70kg size, height and physical strength plays a part as the Kids 30-50kg Skyrunner is half the physical size and approx. half the weight of any size Adult Skyrunner!!


Note that we are the OFFICIAL distributor for Australia, be wary of buying from 3rd hand distributors. Warranty and support is not offered from Skyrunner Australia if buying anywhere other than the official distributor.


Every set of SKYRUNNERS is warranted for a period of 12 months (Spring 6 Months) from manufacturing materials and faults from date of purchase. Damage caused by natural wear and tear, as well as damage due to improper use is excluded from the warranty. If any warranty issues arise, the store or customer must contact G D P Trading Co. to confirm the nature of the issue attaining to the product. All warranty issues are to be at the discretion of G D P Trading Co.

Australian safety certification approval:
CE / SGS ISO9001 : 2000


Kids - $199 plus shipping costs

Colour and Size selection
Skyrunner - Kids

Adults - $329 plus shipping costs

Colour and Size selection
Skyrunner - Adults
Included Products Please Read - Important Notices Before Using Your Skyrunners

Skyrunner Shipping Costs

Adults Kids ETA
(business days)
QLD $50.75 $40.60 2 - 5
NSW $55.25 $44.20 3 - 5
ACT $55.25 $44.20 3 - 5
VIC $65.50 $50.50 3 - 5
SA $70.50 $52.80 4 - 7
WA $90.50 $70.50 5 - 8
NT $90.00 $70.00 5 - 8
TAS $90.00 $70.00 4 - 7
N.Z. $125.00 $105.00 4 - 7

NB: Prices are per SkyRunner set