Training & Maintenance

Please Read - Important Notices Before Using Your Skyrunners

Please Note

Always ensure you use all necessary safety equipment when using your Skyrunners.

Spray Silicon Spray (available from Bunnings or any good hardware store) into pivoting bushes if any squeaking occurs. This may need to be done every 4th or 5th time you ride your Skyrunners.

How to adjust your Skyrunners

How to stand up on your Skyrunners

Pivoting Footplate Information

Pivoting Footplate


This allows for the natural motion movement when you walk or run, in short, allows for the natural ark in which we move our legs.

WITH FOOTPLATE LOCKED (Quick Release Pin not Removed)

This mode is used for Jumping and can also be used for walking or running. It should also be in this mode when learning.

WITH FOOTPLATE UNLOCKED (Quick Release Pin Removed)

Refer to Fig 1 and Fig 2, this mode allows for easier walking and running, but must not be used for Jumping.

SKYRUNNERS can be used in any of these modes dependent upon what suits the user

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