About Skyrunners

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For so long we have been bombarded with the same forms of recreational transport, whether it be Bikes, Skateboards, Scooters, Rollerblades or Skates. How many times can we bear different reincarnations of all these products!! At last SKYRUNNERS are here! Out with the old in with the new, no other product on the market can match what SKYRUNNER has to offer. Being able to jump 2 or more metres high, take steps up to 3 metres at a time and run at up to 30kmh, adrenalin pumping stuff! You can use them anytime anywhere and by anyone, young or old. Why not take advantage of our perfect Australian climate and great Outdoors, with a product you can use all year round. In such a very short time SKYRUNNERS have become the hottest selling item in the USA, Europe and Asia and the product that consumers of all ages want!

Benefits from using Skyrunners

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When using the SKYRUNNERS, apart from having fun and doing things you never thought possible, your actually giving yourself a full body workout without even knowing it! Whether your an adult or a child the benefits are the same for everyone. What a fantastic way to:

We all know obesity in children is increasing at a rapid rate, and one of the hardest things to do is to get them back outside away from the Playstations and XBoxes. SKYRUNNERS are the perfect way to do this and start them on their way to physical well being and fitness and what a fun way to do this! The kids run and jump around unknowing to the fact they are doing themselves the world of good.

Skyrunners are also known as Kangaroo Shoes, Jumping Stilts, Powerisers and Fly Jumpers for the sport of Power Bocking.

Skyrunners are being officially distributed now by G D P Trading Co. The only official factory appointed distributor in Australia!

About G D P Trading Co.

G D P Trading Co. is a subsidiary trading entity attached to G P Bikes Pty Ltd., which mainly specialises High Quality Automotive Products for the Automobile and Motorcycle Industries. G P Bikes Pty Ltd strives for perfection in all aspects of its business and most of all, customer satisfaction knowing they have purchased the highest quality and technically advanced componentry in the market place.

G D P Trading Co. is a young , exciting and innovative company specialising in unusual, different and innovative quality products. We at G D P Trading Co. believe that every product we sell is tried and proven for reliability , construction, and quality componentry. We know that when our products are in the market place and out in the field they will always perform beyond their expectations ensuring you the consumer the greatest possible satisfaction.

G D P Trading Co. realised there was a need for quality unusual innovative products that weren’t being distributed in Australia and New Zealand and made it a reality. All the products in our range are thoroughly researched to access their suitability to the ever changing market place and times we live in. We help our customers with the need to become individuals and set themselves apart from the norm. With this analogy in mind, we are building an exciting an innovative Company which sets us apart from other businesses, in which we will always be adapting to what the market doesn’t provide and then provide it!