Every POWERDRIFTER is warranted for a period of 6 months from manufacturing materials and faults from date of purchase. Damage caused by natural wear and tear, as well as damage due to improper use is excluded from the warranty. If any warranty issues arise, the store or customer must contact G D P Trading Co. to confirm the nature of the issue attaining to the product. All warranty issues are to be at the discretion of G D P Trading Co.

Australian safety certification approval:
CE / SGS ISO9001 : 2000


$129 $79 plus shipping costs

A totally awesome side-to-side drifting ride! The three wheeler is all grown up and ready to roll. The Powerdrifter is a radical new way to slide and ride. Just move your body side to side and the awesome three wheel design gets you rolling and keeps you rolling, the faster you move, the faster you go!!

Mastering sideways drifting and 360 spins is fun and simple, so jump on a Powerdrifter for an unbelievable freestyle ride!!!

Powerdrifter Shipping Costs

Location Shipping ETA
(business days)
QLD $25 2 – 5
NSW / ACT $30 3 – 5
VIC $31 3 – 5
SA $35 4 – 7
WA $45 5 – 8
NT $46 5 – 8
TAS $40 4 – 7
N.Z. $90 4 – 7

NB: Prices are per Powerdrifter